Letters To Elvis

I’ve had the email address elvispresley@gmail.com for a long time. I get some interesting mail from time to time. Some highlights are archived here.

June 24, 2019

Come on Elvis,,,you owe nothing to MJ or Prince it was your friend HRH that help you pull it off! It was not the President of the United States conniving with the media to help those two disappear! Please help the American people in their struggle with the fake news and come on out and tell them the truth!!!

Attend ka rin ba mamaya sa Live Webinar Workshop natin Elvis?

April 12, 2017

April 10, 2017

Première réunion de l’année 2017

January 9, 2017

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October 20, 2016

Hi there Elvis,

its me
Tangela in Denver
how’re you? Txt-msg me direct **** seven zero 9 four two one four 2 seven

Use me as your vessel

August 20, 2016

Attention Elvis Presley Elvis A.k.a. Patrick M Reilly and Jessie my name is M and I live in Tampa Florida I’ve been here for the last 40 years! I have had the opportunity of meeting you face-to-face three times. You may not remember but maybe thinking back you may recall visiting my salon at Tampa Bay mall right next door to where your daughter Lisa Marie gave birth to your grandson at St. Joseph’s women’s hospital around the same time. You came in with your partner and I am guessing you were retiring from your undercover work and she needed a new hairdo! Back then you used on me your old trick “when you talk about things that people don’t understand they think you’re crazy” and I must admit it worked! Especially when you told me that you were Elvis Presley and you were not dead! I thought you were crazy! You retuned a few days later for me to cut and color your hair black. At the front desk when I charge you 75 for the services you gave me $150 a 100% tip that part confused me if you’re so crazy how come you have so much money? I told that story everywhere I went in the world I told people how great America is! Where else in the world crazy people have the money tip 100%? OK that was the circumstances of seeing you the first two times. The last encounter we had I saw you at the restaurant Danatello in Tampa on January 17, 2014 at that time I knew that you were alive and I approach you because I wanted to get your name and when I introduce myself as M and asked for your name you told me Goest I bit my tongue and asked you if it would be OK to have a photograph with you? You politely agreed and I have that picture enlarge! I am so proud of having a picture with Elvis Presley! OK enough with my credentials now if you really want to come out and use me as your vessel for coming out I will help you. What convinced me that you were not dead, in the middle of writing my book on HRH Uncle Sam personified I made the connection between you and Howard Hughes a.k.a. Bill Gay! The program that you entered was not design for Elvis Presley who wanted disappear, it’s a program that the CIA along with H R H had already implemented for some of the highrollers of the world that were friendly with Howard Hughes and his inner circle who needed to disappear! When Howard accommodated you with your request; he already was in that program himself who had died the year before you, and living under the name of Bill Gay! You must’ve promised with your heart that you would never ever come out. Just like the movie “Seconds”!!! However I have the feeling you want out and I recalled in one of your communications with Linda Sigmon in that letter you stated that of all the people you made the promise that you would never come out only one them is still alive and I’m guessing that someone is George HW Bush! And I’m being selfish in telling you that I’d like to help my reason is if you come out maybe you will help set the record straight for my hero Howard Hughes! You can tell the world it was not him who died in 1976 a drug addicted and neglected isolated poor soul but a double!!!

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We will never forget you

Dec 19, 2015

Dear Elvis,

I know you are dead and there isn’t the slightest possibility that you will be able to read this but just remember that you thought the world rock. You founded music just like Michael….remember Michael Jackson? He founded Pop, he’s regarded to many (including me) as the “king of pop.” Charlie Chaplin…you might not know him, but you’ll love his movies. He founded comedy. He’s hilarious!!! Just know that you like so many others taught the world, changed the world, shaped it in fact. We will never forget you, the whole world gathered when you greeted death with a guitar in your hand. King of Rock, we will never forget you, you’ll always be in our hearts….


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The extraordinary Chris