DJ Dick – February 2, 2002

I was a DJ on KKCR on the island of Kauai from 2002-2004. More about that.

DJ Dick – September 30, 2005 : 1-3

I was a DJ on KKCR on the island of Kauai from 2002-2004. More about that.

I returned to the turntables triumphantly for a weekend to celebrate the wedding of the Station Manager Gwen Palagi and her beloved Kris Palagi. I had a year and a half of pent-up selections to broadcast.

part 2:

Part 3:

DJ Dick – September 30, 2005 – 3

Señor Coconut

Here’s a selection from a radio show on KKCR as DJ Dick.

If you liked that here’s the first hour.

And the second hour.

2018 Music

New Albums:

1. Janelle Monae – Dirty Computer

2. St. Vincent – Mass Education

3. Anderson Paak – Oxnard

5. The Sleazeball Orchestra

5. This playlist for my Mom to stimulate singing and speech after her stroke.


  1. Prince – Piano and Microphone 1983

2. Lou Rawls – All Things in Time


  1. St. Vincent – Austin City Limits Festival 2018
  • robots shredding guitars and voices

2. Janelle Monáe – Emotion Picture


3. Stop Making Sense movie by Jonathan Demme

We saw it IN A THEATER and it was better than ever

The Annual Soul Train Dancers’ Picnic

The Annual Soul Train Dancers’ picnic was yesterday. A friend and I stumbled onto the event a couple of years ago. We heard amazing stories from the warmest people who were the visual foundation for early 70s soul. So, it was a great treat to see it happening again.


This is me with Demita Jo Freeman. She was a superstar on the Soul Train stage.

Here she is tearing it up with James Brown in 1972.

Is That All There Is?

Nothing like trying something you are completely uncomfortable doing. Like singing.

My friend David McCreath started It Might Get Personal as a venue for ordinary folks — folks who might never sing in public — to share their favorite music. It’s a chance for people to step outside their comfort zone and try something they’ve maybe thought about but never had a chance to do. It’s about fandom, and love of music, and sharing that love with everyone. Maybe the guests will even go home and sing for their spouse, parents, or kids.

Jeff Tidwell, graciously accompanied by the talented Paul Robinson, steps up and asks the burning question first posed by Peggy Lee: “Is That All There Is?” Then we talk about the dark side and the light side and trust and hey, let’s have a party.

KKCR Radio Shows

Michele Rundgren and me at the radio station KKCR.

In 2000-2004 we lived on the beach on the island of Kauai. We operated The Aloha Dude Rentals and had a retail spot called The Aloha Dude Internet Hut.

During that time the kind folks at KKCR Radio gave me the dream of a lifetime, a radio show all my own. My first foray was a very early morning show I called “Sleep Walking”, then my pal Michele Rundgren offered me a chance to fill in for her Friday drive-time show “Chick Rock”. As I had taken on my DJ name of DJ DICK it made sense that I would rename the show to “Dick Rock” for those opportunities.

I have an appreciation for obscure audio finds, and remember this was in the era of Napster so I was finding some interesting bits.

Here’s a set from August 1, 2003 Part 1:

and Part 2: