Hawaii 2000-2004


In 1999 we had a windfall (for us at least) from my stock options at E*TRADE. At the same time, I was offered a job in New York with Oncology.com, a new company supporting cancer patients. That was too good to turn down.

There were only a couple of big considerations. 1. We’d just purchased a home on the beach on Kauai 2. We had recently gone through cartwheels to buy our first house in Boulder Creek, California. So I had a job and apartment in New York, a house we rented out in California, and the new property on Kauai we needed to prep to rent out until we could be there.

I agreed to take the Oncology.com job for one year, and after six months I would be on Kauai for 2 weeks every other month. 6 months in is also when Lucky headed to Kauai driving our pickup across the country, shipping everything across the pacific. He also sent our beloved dog Rex in the cargo hold of his flight. Poor Rex would be quarantined on Oahu for 6 weeks.

Aloha Dude Vacation Rentals

We would call it Aloha Dude Vacation Rentals.

The Compound
Aloha Dude House
Surf Dude Apartment

Aloha Dude Internet Hut

Around July of 2001 we got the big idea to open an internet hut – a hangout spot for visitors looking to log in while on vacation (this was pre-iPhone). It was also a stop on a cruise through the small town of Kapa’a. There was a hostel around the corner, restaurants, and other shops along the single road around the island.

We would suspend the *iconic 4′ wide disco ball on a pulley apparatus each morning. The team would spend the first hour dusting all of the hip … more

A Lei Shop

If you’ve ever discovered the back streets of Honolulu you’ll remember the Lei shops. They are usually tiny storefronts where they pump out the flower necklaces for the thousands of tourists pouring into Hawaii each day.

This first-place poem from a school competition really captured the vibe.

KKCR Radio Shows


In 2000-2004 we lived on the beach on the island of Kauai. We operated The Aloha Dude Vacation Rentals and had a retail spot called The Aloha Dude Internet Hut.

During that time the kind folks at KKCR Radio gave me the dream of a lifetime, a radio show all my own. My first foray was a very early morning show I called “Sleep Walking”, then my pal Michele Rundgren offered me a chance to fill in for her Friday drive-time show “Chick Rock.” As I had taken the DJ name DJ DICK. it made sense that I would rename the show to “Dick Rock” for those shows.

I have an appreciation for obscure audio bits and this was in the era of Napster, so I found a ton of interesting clips to mix in with the shows.

Someday (or not) I’ll convert the many live recordings which are on VHS tapes and CDs.

Here are a few of the shows:

DJ Dick – April 27, 2002

DJ Dick – February 2, 2002

DJ Dick – January 19, 2002

DJ Dick – September 30, 2005 : 1-3

DJ Dick September 30, 2005 – 2

DJ Dick – September 30, 2005 – 3


Here’s a set from August 1, 2003 Part 1:

and Part 2: