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Lower Haight 1983

After moving into the lower Haight Street flat of my then saxophone-playing boyfriend, I soon found out he was having a romance on the side. I suppose that I made him so miserable that he eventually moved out of the sunny apartment and it was mine.

I enjoyed the raw art scene happening in the neighborhood.

There was a marble sculptor on the ground floor. A friend down the street had a storefront selling his futuristic “Bodyware.” He had a great record collection so the vibe was always happening in the place. Another friend had a storefront art gallery that sometimes became an after-hours scene when the bars closed for the night.

From my 3rd story deck, there was a staircase down to the ground floor where there was a small room with the heaters and gear that made the building run. It became my painting studio. I was making 3-dimensional paintings from illustration board scraps I got from my job and built *stepped-up layers from stacks of square bits to elevate one level to the next.

One piece lit up in a box with floating painted shapes. I then played with the shapes being 3 dimensional. More and more complex to piece together seamlessly. Hot glue bonded it all. I would continue with this direction when I moved into a huge studio downtown and made full-sized room facades with the pieces.

2021 Collages :: 1-100

tons and tons

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2020 Collages




Late 2020 Collages

My friend Rick is a master wallpaper hanger and aficionado. He gives me scraps to use in my collages.

In this latest batch, I’m working fast to grease the composition and color wheels. I make one first thing in the morning before the day begins. Additional elements are cut from magazines. I’m experimenting with a few constraints. They are all roughly 6″ squares, in some I only allowed 3 additional pieces to be added. As I progressed I’d add some drawn elements before layering on the magazine pieces.

Inspired by these folks on Instagram Austin KleonMichael DeSutter, Elise Margolis, Robert Hardgrave, Andy Burgess, and Paul Inglis.


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2016 Collages and Silkscreens

Exhibit: :: September 15 — October 15, 2016 :: Boxaplex — West Hollywood, CA

9/15/16:: This show represents work from the past year that I created in a small apartment in Los Angeles. I was commissioned for a collage for an article written by cultural anthropologist Charles Pearson in December. When published, I realized that the size of the collage dominated the page before the article even began, so I was thinking about wider and shorter pieces that would fit a page better for editorial uses. Then I stumbled onto a few movies filmed in 70mm. The format provided so much more horizontal space to play with it pushed the idea a little further. So, I was off on that path.

After starting small, and when satisfied with the composition, I would riff on it larger or again with entirely different printed materials changing the whole thing. Finally I took some of the smaller pieces, made crude copy machine prints onto acetate to create the silkscreen prints.

The work is surprisingly dark when shown all together. Not sure why. The palette kept moving to soft yellows, with weathered or solid black and white counterpunches.

They are just little stories that I created temporarily while moving imagery around on the surface.

I owe some debts to a few artists that inspired me (and I downright stole from) including Adam Maida, Angus Fairhurst and photographers Hart + Lëshkina. Finally, many thanks to to Margot and Firas Bushnaq for letting me show in their beautiful space.

  • Jeff Tidwell, Los Angeles
12″ x 4″ Edie. Silkscreen on wallpaper, gesso, acrylic, silkscreen ink.

14″ x 5″ Negative Campaign. Silkscreen on wallpaper, gesso, acrylic, silkscreen ink.

12″ x 4″ Frank Sinatra’s Pants. Silkscreen on wallpaper, gesso, acrylic, silkscreen ink.

14″x5″ Minor