Stay at Camp Dude

We’re opening up our ‘Yosemite-adjacent’ house again for trades in exotic or warm places. Exchange the whole house or a room or stay with us if you’re not stinky. To find out more email Jeff at jeff @

Camp Dude is a very special place in the Sierra foothills. It’s the home and creative studios for Jeff and Lucky. We’re a half hour from the west entrance to Yosemite National Park. The 5 acre property sits at 2,800 ft elevation and is set back via a half mile drive and is surrounded on 3 sides by federal land. The acreage tiers down to a vortex where the original gold mine is located. The gold-fevered original owner claimed the mine as The Spanish Bit. We don’t know if he ever found any gold but maybe someday we’ll stumble across a nugget. There is a quartz vein bubbling from the earth leading to the mine.

As you come onto the property you’ll see the building site for the pool house and gallery. We decided that it made sense to build the pool first, and we were right. We have had a blast swimming and playing music up there. The gallery structure will take a couple more years to complete.


About another 2 acres down the drive is the residence. It’s a late 50’s cement block number that we have nearly completely remodeled – from collapsing ceilings and missing windows transformed into a comfy country home. There is a peaceful koi pond in the front yard. The interior is packed with art. 

Behind the house is a great outdoor slate patio and barbeque area. In the summer the back acres are busy with a very prolific organic vegetable garden and beyond that are grapes, pears and apples.

Rent the entire house: $400 a night

A great room, a two bedroom suite with shared bath, a private room with bath, full laundry, full kitchen with everything you need for robust meal preparation. All with very comfortable beds and fresh linens.

Rent a room $150 a night

a two bedroom suite with shared bath or a private room with private bath

Rent The Aristocrat Land Commander $75 a night

This 1972 silver travel trailer has a 3 year pedigree of venturing to Burning Man. Now nestled in the pines with a large deck and table outdoors. Not ideal for winter and you share the bath at the house.

More Photos:

The Great Room, propane fireplace, turntable and packed with art.
Stone fireplace with propane insert.
Michael Cotten painting.
The Aristocrat Land Commander.
In winter. There are four distinct seasons at Camp Dude.
Inside The Land Commander.
When the gardens are happening. Early spring to early fall.
The front yard and koi pond.
The front bedroom with private bath.