Never thought I’d be writing this note to all of you.

The feeling that my creative capacity could be halted, when I was just feeling that it was all coming together is a tough pill to swallow. My life experiences all coming together has made each painting or word express the full experiences that brought me here. So, I’m pissed off that now, I might not have the chance to do more.

I had such other experimenting plans for these shots, but here you are and there you haven’t had it. Stylize it,. Modifi it. Have a good time of it.

Super Marionette Animation!

Driving flashbacks of these fantastical worlds from a kid obsessed with puppets.


A feature documentary about the history of the Supermarionation shows. Lady Penelope, Parker and a host of original cast and crew take us on a two-hour journey about the history of Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet and others. The documentary premiered at the BFI in October 2014. LINK


Willie Lee Morrow, Barber Who Popularized the Afro Pick, Dies at 82

He built an empire around hair care products aimed at African American consumers, including a softener that inspired the Jheri curl. LINK

15 rules for blogging, and my current streak

From Matt Block. A couple of favorites:

  • Only write what’s in my head at that exact moment. It’s 10x faster.
  • Titles should be descriptive and have the flavour of the post. And rewrite the lede once the post is done so the whole thing gets to the point faster.

LINK :: HT Sean Bonner

Emerging Extremism


Following the deadly mass shooting at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, investigators – professional and otherwise – turned to the internet in search of answers. What they found was a troubling trail of digital activity, from memes to TikToks to music videos, that traced back to the suspect. The 21-year-old, who performed as a rapper under the stage name “Awake,” had a notable YouTube presence and more than 16,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. He also hosted a Discord server (which is essentially a chat room) on which he shared nihilistic political memes. According to NPR, “extremism researchers say his digital footprint fits into a new and emerging extremist profile.”

HT Cassandra Daily


Been pining for some guache. Got some. Painted a ghastly figure. Painted over it. Voila.

then I penciled what I painted

Mavis Still Takes You There

At eighty-two, Staples asked God why she was still alive. “The only reason I could see is to sing my songs,” she said.Photograph by Paola Kudacki for The New Yorker

In the New Yorker, David Remnick recounts the time he spent with Mavis Staples in her Chicago home base.

At 82, she shares her history as a part of a family band that brought gospel to the masses and emerged as an important voice in the civil rights movement.

As an early teen, I was introduced to The Staple Singers’ and their song “I’ll Take You There” on Soul Train. At the weekly post-show Teen Center visit, the song was on heavy rotation as well as the politically charged “Respect Yourself. “

I was lucky enough to see her open for Bonnie Raitt a few years ago. As a regular touring partner, Raitt says, “She’s never cranky. She has an abiding belief in God and His plan and believes the world is moving toward a higher and more loving world.”