Alexander @ 70

For our friend’s big birthday

Prince Alex

It was the Spring of 2000, I was finishing up a project in New York and then would join my husband Lucky on the beach in the town of Kapaa on Kauai. We were opening “Aloha Dude Vacation Rentals” on a property we had just gotten.

I notoriously have a reputation as having a low tolerance for tedious or uninteresting people. Lucky was laying the groundwork, meeting all the people in a small circle of gay folks and the extended ohana on the island. He would give me updates on who was interesting. He kept bringing up a character named Alexander. He had attended a Baby Luau for Alexander’s new son Makanakai. I was intrigued.

Once I landed on Kauai I got the chance to meet him. He was a striking figure with a bright glow about him. Like brotherhood magnets, we connected quickly. I swooned for his stories of showbiz talents on all the rungs of celebrity. He had a sly way of telling his stories and we laughed and laughed with each tale. 

Quickly his family became our family. We relished in the amazing development of this kid Kai. Alex was a natural dad, smiling, laughing and all the while being zoomed in on the responsibility he had taken on with an enormous heart. 

There’s so much more after this, but that time on Kauai was magical with Alexander and was the foundation of a great long friendship. 

Happy Birthday, Dear Alex. We miss you Brother but you’re always right here in our hearts. 

Uncles Jeff and Lucky.