2021 Collages :: 1-100

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Late 2020 Collages

My friend Rick is a master wallpaper hanger and aficionado. He gives me scraps to use in my collages.

In this latest batch, I’m working fast to grease the composition and color wheels. I make one first thing in the morning before the day begins. Additional elements are cut from magazines. I’m experimenting with a few constraints. They are all roughly 6″ squares, in some I only allowed 3 additional pieces to be added. As I progressed I’d add some drawn elements before layering on the magazine pieces.

Inspired by these folks on Instagram Austin KleonMichael DeSutter, Elise Margolis, Robert Hardgrave, Andy Burgess, and Paul Inglis.


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DJ Dick – April 27, 2002

I was a DJ on KKCR on the island of Kauai from 2002-2004. More about that.

This was early in my broadcast career. The station manager put me on early Saturday mornings at 6:00 am to see how I did, I suppose. I called the show Sleep Walking as I didn’t wanted my listeners to slowly start the day with my sets.


Adopt Kevin!

Kevin is a shy boy from the local SPCA. He’s gentle as can be. We think he’s deaf. His primary objective is to hide in a corner. We’ve been working with him for a few days. Bringing him out of his little crate for human contact every couple of hours. He’s doing his best on being housebroken and at least lets us know.

We can’t keep him and are looking for someone with the patience to work with him and adopt him for the long haul. What do you say? Email me at elvispresley@gmail.com or call 415-265-3037.

p.s. He’s strong, so his nickname is Kevin the Tank.