Michael Musto in Oldster Magazine

Michael Musto at 66, photographed by Andrew Werner.

Michael Musto is a longtime entertainment and nightlife writer for the Village Voice. Musto has written four books, appeared on countless TV channels and streaming services, and has been named one of the Out 100 of the most influential LGBTQs in the country.

“… while you have all this wisdom about how to behave, those situations tend to not happen again, so the wisdom is useless. You can try passing it on to someone younger, but they don’t want to hear it any more than I craved advice from my grandparents.”

Oldster Magazine

Throwing away what I write.

I’m writing first thing every morning. I throw it all away within the week.

Here’s what I figure;

  • I lived it.
  • I wrote about it.
  • I filed away the highlighted bits I want to remember.
  • I read it to my therapist.

That’s enough, don’t you think? I’m happy to say “see you later” to all of that.

In some domains, people describe this as “workshopping.” It’s a tryout. Some of it will be rolled into yet another edit. And each edit gets more to the point.

A couple of years ago I threw away all of my journals and it felt good to have all of that living out of the way.