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Ethel Cain

Ethel Cain‘s first album Preacher’s Daughter is a maudlin, quiet record. I’m not sure what it’s about yet, but it’s good for a slow morning start.

The New YorkTimes profile declares her the “I don’t want to be a celebrity, celebrity.”

Review in The Guardian.

Stevie Wonder’s 1974 concert on German TV show Musikladen-Beat Club

Here’s a ridiculously great performance by Stevie Wonder. The band and vocalists are right there with him climbing to a higher ground. This is smack in the middle of his early 70’s streak of perfect albums.

Fashion Puppets 2

Upped my marionette game tonight with wooden dowels, eye hooks, and some black strong string for moving the bits on a future stage. Once the limbs and so forth are jointed together, I can cycle in different heads and couture.